”A hidden gem in the beautiful area of Matura”

My friend and I had the pleasure of staying at Kobani Kawana in Matura. A home away from home, I would say. Our host arranged for us to watch the Leatherback turtles nest, mere minutes from where we were staying. Whether you are a nature lover or not, the place and surroundings make you feel at home.

The cozy two-bedroom cottage featured an indoor/outdoor shower - so refreshing! The living room looks out onto the pool and offers views of both the rising and setting sun. The kitchen was outfitted with all the necessary items needed to cook our lunch, including a grill.

On the property, we were able to enjoy fresh mangoes and the taste of sweet cane on a Sunday morning. The place was a cozy two bedroom, which hosted an indoor/outdoor shower . So refreshing! From the living room area you are greeted with the view of the sun rising and setting which over looks the pool.

All in all we had a wonderful time and made friends with our host dog, Rowdy, who enjoyed our company.

- Kamira Questel

"Kobani Kawama is a paradise I didn't expect"

Kobani Kawana is a paradise I didn’t expect, nor did I have any clue actually existed.

My visit was that of a ‘day stay’ . This involved hiking to Mermaid Pools, followed by a relaxing poolside chill.

For me, the natural ‘coloring’ and decor chosen were breathtaking. They certainly matched that beautiful outdoor lifestyle. The natural design worked in coordination with the lush greenery that surrounded the entire pool deck.

I took pleasure in sharing my experience through pictures and videos, and the feedback was exceptional! I was happy to share the name, contact information and additional information I attained while there.

My return is certain, and my family and friends are definitely interested. I’ll simply say, ‘try it, you just may love it🙂.

- Jeran Hatt